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Yoga Swing Ring Sling Inversion Stand

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Product Description

The Portable Indoor & Outdoor Aerial Yoga Frame
Are you looking for a safe and reliable aerial yoga frame? This yoga stand requires no screws to connect the steel pipes, and the threaded rotary connection, removal, and installation only take a few seconds, which is portable and safe. The aerial yoga frame has a special base design for added safety, making it safe and convenient whether you want to perform aerial dance and yoga exercises indoors or outdoors.
This bracket is made of sturdy steel pipe, with a maximum load capacity of 250kg/551lbs, and a detachable and portable design, which meets our needs where we go and where we exercise.
The bracket is composed of beams and supporting steel pipes. The structure is simple, and the installation and removal are very easy. 1 or 2 people can quickly complete it in a few minutes.
The side of this bracket has a triangular structure, which is a very stable shape. The presence of a safety belt prevents the bracket from sliding, which further improves the stability of the bracket.
The screws of the base of this bracket are 360 ° designed to rotate in all directions without slipping; the bottom of the foot-pad is non-slip design, which increases friction and has a better grip.
Most of the brackets on the market are low and swaying. This bracket is not only the right height and size but also rock-solid, so you can feel more at ease with every movement.
This bracket is very versatile, can be used in aerial yoga, aerial dance, Olympic rings, hammocks and as a pull rod or swing frame.


Material: Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe Diameter: 45mm/1.8"
Steel Pipe Thickness: 1.5mm/0.06"
Weight: 29kg /64lbs
Maximum Load: 250kg/551lbs
Bracket Size(LxWxH): 2.68m x 1.88m x 2.93m /106" x 74" x 115"

Package Content

1 X Aerial Yoga Frame
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT  PORTABLE】- This yoga swing stand is made of 1.5mm/0.06" thick steel pipe, weighs only 29kg/64lbs, has high hardness and high load-bearing capacity, and the maximum load can reach 250kg/551lbs, which meets the needs of most people.
  • 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】- This indoor/outdoor Yoga Inversion stand steel pipes are all threaded rotary connections, without any screws and other installation tools, so it is very convenient to install and remove, and 1 or 2 people can quickly complete the installation in a short time.
  • 【STABLE  SAFE】- Triangular structure increases stability; non-slip base increases friction. Double protection ensure users’ safety.
  • 【RIGHT SIZE】- When this stand is unfolded, it is 2.68m/106" length x 1.88m/74" width x 2.93m/115" height. Its size meets the needs of most people.
  • 【MULTIPLE USAGE】- This yoga rig support is widely used, suitable for most horizontal ground, you can use it for indoor or outdoor performances or yoga exercises.

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